Of Running and Reflection

While most find peace in their daily cup of coffee or in scrolling through their social media accounts, there is nothing more relaxing to me than going for a run. I live in a relatively secluded and quiet suburban area with sprawling streets and lots of space. Especially in the morning when the air is crisp, running allows for time away from the hectic routine called my life.

Now, I am by no means a great runner. I’m a swimmer and have been for over six years. However, after recently quitting club swim, I’ve found myself lost as to how to remain in good shape. So, I started by going on runs with a friend and eventually branched off to go on long runs by myself.

Running is the only real thing in my life that I have no definite goals in, and I intend to keep it that way. I In fact, it’s the reason why it’s so relaxing for me. In a high-stress, competitive world, it’s nice to have something to just do. I don’t run to get faster times or to improve the distance travelled. I run to just for the sake of running. It feels like some form of meditation, and it’s the only time when life slows down and allows time for me to reflect.

And the perfect time? Right before the sun sets.



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